Love Your Liver Challenge 2014

Congratulations for making it this far!

You have taken the first step in protecting your liver from the risk of damage and disease caused by drinking too much alcohol.

The Love Your Liver Challenge isn’t about giving up alcohol or having to listen to the dangers of big bad booze but it’s about making small changes to the way you drink alcohol to minimise the risk of causing damage to your vital organs.

By cutting back on your drinking you’ll be saving money, losing those extra calories that are packed into alcohol and making a big investment in your future health.

The key things to remember are:

Not drinking over the recommended levels of alcohol is the best way we can protect ourselves. This is 2-3 units a day for women (0 – 14 units a week) and 3-4 units a day for men (0 – 21units a week).

Visit the Ministry Of Cheer web site for more info on units.

We should have a break from alcohol for 24 – 48 hours between stopping drinking and starting again.

We should aim for 3 alcohol free days a week.

You don’t have to get drunk to cause damage – regular low level drinking can cause harm. This means a glass or two of wine.

It’s not only people who are addicted to alcohol who can get liver or other diseases through drinking; it only takes a small amount regularly. Liver disease is often silent until major damage has occurred. Speak to your GP if you are worried.

To ensure liver health it is essential to watch what you are drinking, cut down on fatty food and exercise regularly.

Detoxing or cleansing will offer little or no health benefits especially if you resume drinking at the levels or frequency you were prior to starting a ‘detox’. It is healthier to make a change to the way you drink all year round.

For more information on liver disease visit

So what are you waiting for?

Join people across Bristol and Bath and try our six week challenge by signing up here. You will receive a free challenge pack crammed with everything you need to take part. You’ll also be automatically entered into the draw to win tickets for you and a friend to BathThermal Spa.

For more information on alcohol and where to go for help and advice, have a look around the Ministry of Cheer Website.

If you are concerned by your own or a friends drinking check out the services available by visiting the Ministry Of Cheer web site ‘get further help’ section.

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